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A mysterious Trypillya culture in Ukraine was older than the Egyptian one. It constructed...

There was a mysterious culture in Eastern Europe between 5,500 to 2,700 BC which constructed sophisticated, organized, densely-populated settlements...

Overlooked gems in Ukraine’s capital city – The Seattle Times

"KIEV, Ukraine — Through years of political upheaval and economic turmoil, Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, has remained a vibrant,...

Ukraine, the homeland of Scythians [Video]


11 of the best things to do and see in Kiev, – MSN, Wanderlust

"Kiev is an unusual city. Vast and busy, but surprisingly quiet. A bit aloof. It feels a million miles away from other...

Pink lake in Ukraine attracts visitors for beauty, therapeutic healing – GlobalNews Canada


“Tunnel of Love” originally was used to conceal the transport of military hardware –...

In the centuries-old city of Klevan, Ukraine, a railroad track cuts through the trees shaping a tunnel, appropriately...

Largest open-air museum in Europe

At the outskirt of Kyiv there is a unique Pyrohiv National Museum of Ukrainian Architecture & Culture which has examples of...

Zaporozhian Rapids were flooded by the Hydroelectric Station projected by the American engineers

The DniproHES project used the experience gained from the construction of the Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Stations at...

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