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Ukraine, the homeland of Scythians [Video]


Who really owns borsch – BBC

"The problem with this statement is that Ancient Rus was centred in Kyiv (Kiev in Russian), now the...

Zaporozhian Rapids were flooded by the Hydroelectric Station projected by the American engineers

The DniproHES project used the experience gained from the construction of the Sir Adam Beck Hydroelectric Power Stations at...

Re-Imagining Galicia | Metropole

A center of eastern European culture, it was established as a crown land by the Habsburgs in 1772,...

Why you should skip Paris and visit Kiev, – Forbes

..if you want to visit a city with great architecture, magnificent churches, bustling markets and charming cobblestone streets...

Steve Wozniak visits Kyiv. Says one of his 4 life long dreams coming true

"I always knew my last name was Ukrainian", - said the Apple co-founder on arriving to Ukraine's capital together...

Toughest Open-Air Gym in Europe

It is situated right in the center of Kyiv, on the island amidst Dnieper river which divides Kyiv on two almost equal...

Kiev is the greenest capital city of Europe

"Using a method that processes satellite imagery and detects pixel types, Gärtner has generated the Normalized Difference Vegetation...

Kiev’s Museum of Microminiatures: The Biggest Collection of Tiny Things, – The Daily Beast

"Hidden inside a Kiev religious complex lies the mind-blowing Museum of Microminiatures, which holds ships carved out of gold,...

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