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Russia-Ukraine War

History is the reason of Russia’s war on Ukraine. Historical justice should be outcome

This article had been written before Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022 - "Ukraine's...

‘Russia is Ukraine’s Biggest Weapons Donator’ meme

Trophies from Kharkiv counter offensive alone

US General’s opinion of Ukrainian Soldiers

Also, according to Newsweek, Pentagon rated the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Army '12 out of 10'.

‘Russian is literally a two-legged pig’ – 18th century English traveler Edward Clarke

Edward Daniel Clarke (5 June 1769 – 9 March 1822) was an English naturalist, minerologist, and traveller. (Wikipedia) One of...

Russia desiring land of Ukraine. Map of two countries for comparison

It's already - by a long stretch - the largest country in the world occupying 11% of the world's...

Banksy’s “Trolley hunters” appears prophetic after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Created in 2006, the painting was auctioned at Sotheby's in 2021 for $6 698 400.

Macron-Putin Ukrainian Memes

Oh damn, Putin's calling

What Ukrainian Literature Has Always Understood About Russia, – The Atlantic

Ukrainian national identity is not an accident, nor was it invented by the West. But for centuries, Ukrainians have...

Shower ‘Javelin’

Ukrainians have put Javelin rocket case to good use. "Shower fire on Russians. Shower water...

Russia is Fascist – Timothy Snyder for The New York Times

"In 1939, the Soviet Union joined Nazi Germany as a de facto ally, and the two powers invaded Poland...

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